Pétillant Naturel aka Pét Net

Pét Nat wines are becoming more popular as it’s adds to the trend toward drinking more natural wines. Natural wines are wines that have little human vinification interventions. Pét Nat wines are made in the méthode ancestrale and is actually the oldest method of producing sparkling wine. It is a winemaking technique where wine is bottled whilst it is still in the fermenting phase. Whilst the production of champagne involves 2 fermentations, Pét Nat is fermented only once. The bubbles are created by moving the wine from the fermenting vat straight into the bottle where carbon dioxide is developed as a byproduct of alcoholic fermentation. Where normal wine will be filtered before bottling, or receive a dosage, Pét Nat wines are bottled without these interventions.

Pét Nat wines are in general slightly sweet, cloudy because unfiltered, have gentle bubbles, have a lower alcohol content (below 11%) and are, in general, reasonably priced.

About Turbullent rosé, Vin Mousseux Pétillant Naturel – by Domaine Serol.

This wine is produced with the (late ripening) local grape Gamay St-Romain in the Côte Roannaise, located at the foothills of the Madeleine Mountains Nortwest of Lyon.

The Alcoholic fermentation took place in cement tanks at a low temperature with indigenous yeasts until the wine reaches 7% alcohol. The wine is then bottled and fermentation continues in the bottel until it reaches 8,3% alcohol and 5 bars of pressure. The bottles are then disgorged to remove the deposit.

With an alcohol level of 8% and a residual sugar level of 12g/l this Pét Nat ticks all boxes in terms of the usual profile and expectations. The wine has a beautiful (clear) vivid pink color and is off dry. To my liking it is a bit too sweet but I must say the sweetness is counter-balanced well by it’s natural high acidity. This Turbullent Pét Nat is a good sparkling wine. On the nose and palate candy, red fruit, raspberry and cherries. It has a fine but persistent perlage with a slight mineral finish.


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